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sing ups for round 4 here

my list:


♣ Restraints (handcuffs, ties, chains, etc)

♣ Secret identity (superheroes, slayers, immortals, mutants; disguised gender; spies; etc.)

♣ Girls (dancing girls; cat-girls; schoolgirls; magical girls; cheerleaders; sporty girls; etc.)

♣ Possessiveness or jealousy

my fandoms/pairings:

2pm: junsu/any; ot6/7

4minute: jihyun/gayoon; ot5

after school: raina/e-young; nana/raina/lizzy; uee/bakah

beast: doojoon/hyunseung; junhyung/hyunseung/yoseob; ot6

c-real: any; ot5

dgna: jihwan/any; ot5

f.t island: minhwan/any

f(x): ot5, sulli/victoria; krystal/luna; luna/sulli

infinite: any combination of woohyun/sunggyu/dongwoo; hoya/sungjong; ot7

myname: jungkyu/chaejin; ot5

rainbow: seungah/jisook; woori/jisook; hyunyoung/jisook; ot7; any ot3

sistar: any; ot4

snsd: jessica/yoona/taeyeon; seohyun/taeyeon; seohyun/yoona; tiffany/hyoyeon; ot9

super junior: kyunhyun/ryeowook; sungmin/ryeowook

t-ara: any combination of jiyeon/hwayoung/hyomin; qri/hyomin; ot7

♂♀ crossovers: any 4min/beast; f(minute)[victoria/jihyun, maknae line, ot10]; f(generation)[sulli/jessica, yoona/krystal, jessica/krystal]; f(x)/suju(sungmin/luna/ryeowook); infinite/rainbow(any!)

jiyeon/hwayoung; 780w (buffyverse fic)

Date: 2012-01-06 03:42 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] firequakes
i have no idea if you’ve ever seen buffy, but this is, uh, buffyverse fic ;; sort of plays with the secret identities (but not really lol), school girls and slayers tropes, and tbh overall this makes very little sense, orz :D;

The two of them are the youngest in their Slayer squad—the only ones young enough to pass for high school students. It’s not even about passing for high school students really—in another world, in a better life, they would be high school students.

But it’s not a better world; it’s a world where vampires and demons exist, a world where there are thousands of Slayers where there should only be one, a world where Jiyeon and Hwayoung have been Called, and they answered.

“You look nice in the skirt,” Jiyeon compliments Hwayoung, looking at her from head to toe. It’s been a while since either of them wore a school girl’s outfit. Jiyeon’s eyes linger a second longer on Hwayoung’s thighs, pale, smooth, and milky despite more than a year of training and fighting demons—if Hwayoung notices her gaze, she doesn’t say anything.

“You look really pretty,” Hwayoung returns the compliment with a sincere smile, and Jiyeon grins at her.

“It’s been a while since I’ve worn a uniform,” Jiyeon comments, tugging at the hem of her too-short skirt. “I used to go to an all-girls’ school.”

“I...” Hwayoung trails off, her gaze shifting sadly. “I used to go with my sister.”

Jiyeon bites her inner cheek and looks at Hwayoung wordlessly; she has no idea what she’s supposed to say. Hwayoung is newer than her at this slaying business, and she’s heard that the other girl lost her twin when she encountered her first vampire.

Jiyeon has an older brother, one that she misses a lot (one that she hasn’t seen at all, despite being back in Seoul for over five months already), and she knows she’d be a wreck if she lost him, but even though she can barely fathom the idea of losing one’s twin, probably Hwayoung’s other half.

She pats Hwayoung on the back instead, comforting, but also encouraging.

“Are we ready to do this?” Jiyeon’s smile is tired and wary, despite the cheer she tries to inject into her words.

Hwayoung nods, more confident than Jiyeon expects her to be. “Definitely.”

The mission, and they had no choice but to accept it, was to find out who was turning the high school’s students into a vampire army slowly being set loose around bars and clubs all over Seoul.

It takes them all of three days to find out that the guidance counselor is the one turning problem students into so-called ‘creatures of the night.’

“This is so cliché,” Jiyeon grumbles as they stealthily tail the guidance counselor through the school grounds in the middle of the night.

“You’re pretty good at this though,” Hwayoung whispers as she follows Jiyeon’s lead.

Hwayoung only had a few months of Slayer training, a year at the most, a mere trifling compared to Jiyeon’s five years. Hwayoung has only had a year’s experience at most of being on the field, with three months in the same crew as Jiyeon. Jiyeon has been doing this for more than three years.

“Slayer instincts,” Jiyeon grunts, as they watch Park-sunsaengnim enter a shed behind the gym. “I can’t believe there’s a vampire lair on school grounds.”

Hwayoung takes a bold step forward but Jiyeon grabs her arm and pulls her back. “We’re supposed to report back before doing anything.”

Hwayoung pauses, and stares at her. “Oh. Right.”

The actual take down of the vampire nest feels anti-climactic overall. Eunjung, the crew’s second-in-command, takes charge, and they set fire to the gym and its neighboring shed in the middle of the day. The fire alarm is pulled, and while all the regular students rush outside the building, Jiyeon and Hwayoung secretly slip past everyone to help with the clean-up crew.

“That’s it?” Hwayoung cocks her head to the side. Jiyeon can feel the disappointment in her voice.

The sun is setting, and local firemen have taken over the problem at the school. Jiyeon licks her thumb, and uses it to wipe away some soot staining Hwayoung’s cheeks.

“That’s it,” she repeats, with a nod. “Apparently if you experience enough supernatural attempts at an apocalypse, things like vampire recruitments at high schools don’t seem like something that should be made into a huge deal.”

Hwayoung purses her lips. “Barely got some action done,” she mutters.

Jiyeon pats her back. “Don’t worry, another end of the world scenario should be right down the corner. I hear there’s a Hellmouth right in Busan.”

Hwayoung laughs. “Sounds fun.”

“Gonna miss these outfits though,” Jiyeon sighs, straightening her skirt.

Hwayoung snorts. “Maybe we’ll need to pose as students again. Wasn’t the original Hellmouth supposedly on top of some high school?”

Jiyeon grins. “Oh, right. This student undercover business really was kind of fun.”

“Maybe we can do it for at least a week next time.”

Jiyeon elbows her, and then she holds up her right hand. “Fingers crossed!”

snsd, tiffany/hyoyeon, secret identities

Date: 2012-01-08 05:27 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
(my biggest apologies if this wasn't the way you wanted "secret identity" to be interpreted!)

She's making her way out of orchestra practice, clarinet tucked away safely in the case she's slung over her shoulder, and chatting with Kim Hyoyeon of the percussion section -- the Hyoyeon, popular Hyoyeon who's in a thousand of clubs and part of the student body and still effortlessly cool, with blonde hair and three piercings and a rumoured tattoo on her ass that Miyoung yearns to see -- when Davichi's "8282" starts blaring. She bites her lip as she fishes out her phone, drawing blood when she sees the caller, and quickly rejects it.

"I, er-" she looks up, sees Hyoyeon's mouth hanging open slightly, quizzically, and looks down again. "-have to really, really get going now." She licks her lower lip self-consciously, tasting copper. "Can we bump the ice-cream date--" Fuck, she kicks herself, her cheeks coloring, "-I meant, er," but her mind really cannot come up with a better substitute for "date", so she pushes on, thoughtless brain reigning once more over the much more prudent decision to flee right now, "is it okay if we, like, go out tomorrow?"

The grin on Hyoyeon's face should've made her happy, but all Miyoung wants is for the ground to open up and swallow her miserable self away. "I'm busy tomorrow, actually," says Hyoyeon, still not not-grinning, "but we can totally bump the date to friday, that okay?"

Miyoung barely suppresses the urge to hold her head in her hands and cry a long cry. "Okay," she breathes, giving her best watery smile before she flees.

It's only when she's reached a long, long distance away from Hyoyeon that she deems it safe to flip out her phone and call back. "What?" she asks, the curtness of her tone inescapable.

"Mi-Tiffany, pick up the goddamn phone!" Miyoung holds the phone a few feet away from her ears, cringing. "Come to the building immediately! Did you forget you had the signing today?! Ten am! And one of those dumb stylists managed to burn your wig too-hey-"

She stuffs her cell phone back into her pocket, sighing. It's another one of those countless moments in her life where she regrets her decision to lead a double life as an idol singer.

Gayoon/Jihyun - dancing girls - R

Date: 2012-01-22 09:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
um...i saw "dancing girls" and i immediately went to "exotic dancer" OTL
and heechul kind of wormed his way into this?
it ended up being way longer than i thought it would be though, so instead of posting it here and spamming you with 10 comments in a row, i posted it on my livejournal (which is always unlocked!) here (
i hope it's kind of maybe what you wanted? /hides


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