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originally written on kficrevolution

c-real; effie/redee

This is their third Christmas together, but the first one they will experience as an actual idol group and not as trainees. Youngwon has convinced their manager to buy them a real tree this year.

Yoojin is decorating their brand new Christmas tree with Yeowoon, who's messing with the placement of the ornaments that Yoojin has strategically placed. With a swat of her hand Yoojin sends Yeowoon into the kitchen to help Youngwon.

Siting on the floor next to their couch, Dahee is pulling the Christmas lights out of their box in preparation for putting them on the tree.

"You know you're making a mess, right?" Jihoon says as she sits on the couch setting two mugs of hot chocolate on the small table, that has been moved out of it's usual placement to the side of the couch to make more room for their decorating of the tree.

iu/t-ara; jieun/jiyeon

Jieun runs away from home when she is eleven. She's got her beloved guitar and her favorite teddy bear. Her suitcase full of her favorite clothes is being used as a seat as she waits by the train tracks.

Jieun has been here for almost an hour now. The sun is high in the summer sky, and she is just beginning to wonder what she's even doing here so far away from home.

Wiping off the sweat that has gathered on her forehead, Jieun turns to glance behind her to check for any oncoming trains. What she sees instead is girl around her age in a pretty sundress holding to glasses of lemonade.

when i have the time, i want to come back and finish these.


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