snsd, tiffany/hyoyeon, secret identities

Date: 2012-01-08 05:27 am (UTC)
(my biggest apologies if this wasn't the way you wanted "secret identity" to be interpreted!)

She's making her way out of orchestra practice, clarinet tucked away safely in the case she's slung over her shoulder, and chatting with Kim Hyoyeon of the percussion section -- the Hyoyeon, popular Hyoyeon who's in a thousand of clubs and part of the student body and still effortlessly cool, with blonde hair and three piercings and a rumoured tattoo on her ass that Miyoung yearns to see -- when Davichi's "8282" starts blaring. She bites her lip as she fishes out her phone, drawing blood when she sees the caller, and quickly rejects it.

"I, er-" she looks up, sees Hyoyeon's mouth hanging open slightly, quizzically, and looks down again. "-have to really, really get going now." She licks her lower lip self-consciously, tasting copper. "Can we bump the ice-cream date--" Fuck, she kicks herself, her cheeks coloring, "-I meant, er," but her mind really cannot come up with a better substitute for "date", so she pushes on, thoughtless brain reigning once more over the much more prudent decision to flee right now, "is it okay if we, like, go out tomorrow?"

The grin on Hyoyeon's face should've made her happy, but all Miyoung wants is for the ground to open up and swallow her miserable self away. "I'm busy tomorrow, actually," says Hyoyeon, still not not-grinning, "but we can totally bump the date to friday, that okay?"

Miyoung barely suppresses the urge to hold her head in her hands and cry a long cry. "Okay," she breathes, giving her best watery smile before she flees.

It's only when she's reached a long, long distance away from Hyoyeon that she deems it safe to flip out her phone and call back. "What?" she asks, the curtness of her tone inescapable.

"Mi-Tiffany, pick up the goddamn phone!" Miyoung holds the phone a few feet away from her ears, cringing. "Come to the building immediately! Did you forget you had the signing today?! Ten am! And one of those dumb stylists managed to burn your wig too-hey-"

She stuffs her cell phone back into her pocket, sighing. It's another one of those countless moments in her life where she regrets her decision to lead a double life as an idol singer.
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